Appointment scheduling for your computer, tablet, or phone.

Feature List

Calendar Interface

  • Ribbon Forms and Menus
  • Gantt/Timeline view
  • 3D Carousel View - Rotating card view of appointments
  • Adjustable Time Scale - 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour
  • Adjustable Work Day hours
  • Adjustable Visible Hours
  • Show Work Hours only option
  • Skinnable Interface
  • Customizable Statuses and Status Colors
  • Adjustable simultaneous day counts in day view
  • Drag & Drop Templated Appointments -- from template list to calendar
  • Appointment Details Report
  • Customizable Labels and Label Colors -- for color coded appointments
  • Multiple Time Scale Grouping
  • Improved look and feel of all forms and reports
  • Context sensitive menus
  • Filter appointments by label
  • Quick View shows list view of appointments
  • Quick View Subfilter filters appointments by label eg. Waiting Room
  • Reschedule between resources and dates with drag and drop functionality
  • View non-consecutive day view dates for easier multiple day rescheduling.
  • Filter appointments by resource

Multiple Calendar Views

  • Daily
  • Work-Week
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Timeline/Gantt
  • Carousel


  • Reports filtering by Resource, Client/Patient, and Dates
  • Enhanced reports support recurring appointments -- with adjustable days ahead
  • Appointments Detail Report
  • Appointments Detail Grouped By Resource Reports
  • Appointments Detail Grouped By Client Report
  • Appointments Summary Report
  • Appointments Summary Grouped By Resource Report
  • Appointments Summary Grouped By Client Report
  • Client/Patient List Report
  • Client/Patient Birthday Report

Data Management

  • Server Configuration Wizard
  • Synchronize with Outlook®
  • Import from Outlook®
  • Import raw data from CSV, TAB, TXT files
  • Search capability for clients and appointments
  • Resource Utilization Charting and Pivot Grid for reducing over or under scheduling
  • Works on Palm, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, or any mobile devices that supports Microsoft Outlook (requires Microsoft Outlook)

local or remote access

  • Connects to your central ScheduFlow Online database through the Internet
  • Data is stored on secure Duoserve servers
  • Can be used on one or multiple computer in a single or multiple locations
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Zero knowledge of networks, firewalls, IP addresses, etc. needed
  • Simple login connects you to the remote database

Data Safety

  • Duoserve performs backups of your database at regular intervals
  • All information travelling through the Internet is securely encrypted with SSL technology
  • Dynamic firewall technology blocks unauthorized access to your database

Enterprise/Integration/Network Capabilities

  • Administrate  from any client computer
  • Powerful database engine works across the Enterprise
  • Runs in the background when user is logged off (as service)
  • Works on any Local TCP/IP Network
  • Works over an Internet or VPN connection -- for remote access
  • Easy to use connect window for easy deployment
  • Automatic Server detection finds local servers (one click connect)
  • Internationalized works on most languages supported by Windows®
  • Unique Caching technology -- reduces network overhead for remote users
  • Database engine increases expanded simultaneous user client connections
  • Secure client/server architecture does not require sharing of files -- for easier maintenance and security



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Our Customers

"We love Scheduflow; we use it for our receiving department to schedule incoming containers and trucks.  It helps take off the load of our warehouse guys and give them a heads up of how much load they’ll be receiving that day.  Before ScheduFlow, trucks were dropping off pallets of inventory whenever they wanted…now we control what time and day they should come based off of our day."

Calina Cin, 4 Wheel Parts


"This software is an easy to use appointment scheduling software, calendar like and a great alarm system. It is more like a combination of an alarm clock, reminder and calendar. All you need do is fix all your appointments, meetings and to dos on it with time and dates reminders and it does the rest, always keeping you in touch with all of them and precise."

Dave Balla, DataWest

"The calendar is so easy to use, and the color co-ordination is perfect to keep my staff's calendars all in place but still organized. I am able to make changes instantly and have it change across the entire system. If I'm not at the office and on the road and need to check something, or make a change to anything I can do it straight from my iPhone."

Keith Price, Tahoe Photographic Tours