1. How do I get started?
Download ScheduFlow Online appointment scheduling software. Once you run the installation file, you will be prompted to create a free 30-day trial account, which will immediately log you into your database.  To begin setting your appointments remotely, all you will need is the account name and account password you created when you signed up for our free trial.

2. Can I install ScheduFlow Online on one computer?
Yes, ScheduFlow Online client can be installed on a standalone computer.  If you want to run ScheduFlow Online on one computer only, you will need to install ScheduFlow on that machine (see below).

3. Can I install ScheduFlow on several computers and have all my users view the same schedules at the same time?
Yes, ScheduFlow Online client can be installed on multiple computers in different locations, meaning that all your up-to-date appointments can be viewed by multiple users, at the same time. If you will be running ScheduFlow on multiple computers, you will need to install ScheduFlow Online Client on all the computers that will be accessing the ScheduFlow Online data.

4. Who performs the backups of my ScheduFlow data?
For ScheduFlow Online, Duoserve will perform regular backups of your data which will be stored on our secure servers.

5. What is the ScheduFlow Client?
The ScheduFlow Online Client is the component of our software that is used for viewing, entering, modifying, and removing client, resource, and appointment information. It should be installed on all computers that will need to access the ScheduFlow data.

6. What is a Resource?
A resource is any person, place, or thing that is assigned to the appointment.  For example, a doctor, a stylist, a room, a truck, etc. are all sample resources.

7. Is this a desktop application or a web-based scheduling solution?
ScheduFlow Online is a desktop application that works over the Internet, from remote locations. We host your data and you connect to it from anywhere in the world.

8. When installing the 30-day trial version of ScheduFlow, will I need to give you my billing information?
Duoserve is one of the few companies that does not ask for ANY billing information until you are ready to make a purchase.

10. Will Duoserve disclose my personal and/or business information?
Duoserve will not disclose any of the information you provide us with upon purchase with any other organization or individual, unless you respond affirmatively to the question when making your purchase "I allow Duoserve to use our company name as part of their client list that may be used on their website and/or other marketing materials." Keeping your information confidential is an utmost priority for Duoserve.

11. Is there a limit to how many resources I can enter?
No, there is no limit to how many resources you can enter into ScheduFlow.

12. Is there a limit to how many clients I can enter?
No, there is no limit to how many clients you can enter into ScheduFlow.

13. Is there a limit to how many appointments I can enter?
No, there is no limit to how many appointments you can enter into ScheduFlow.

14. I am ready to make a purchase.  How many licenses do I need to purchase?
Our licenses (CAL's - client access licenses) are based on the number of computers that are running the ScheduFlow Online.  For example, if you have 5 total computers accessing the ScheduFlow data through the Internet, you will need to purchase 5 CAL's.

15. Is this a one-time fee or a subscription?
This is a monthly subscription.

16. Are software upgrades offered for free?
Yes. With the ScheduFlow Online, all future updates are offered for free, whether they are minor or major versions.

17. Do you accept payments by check?
Because ScheduFlow Online is a monthly subscription, we require a most updated credit card so our systems can perform automatic charges on a monthly basis.  We will accept checks if you wish to pay a year ahead for your subscription.

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Our Customers

"We love Scheduflow; we use it for our receiving department to schedule incoming containers and trucks.  It helps take off the load of our warehouse guys and give them a heads up of how much load they’ll be receiving that day.  Before ScheduFlow, trucks were dropping off pallets of inventory whenever they wanted…now we control what time and day they should come based off of our day."

Calina Cin, 4 Wheel Parts


"This software is an easy to use appointment scheduling software, calendar like and a great alarm system. It is more like a combination of an alarm clock, reminder and calendar. All you need do is fix all your appointments, meetings and to dos on it with time and dates reminders and it does the rest, always keeping you in touch with all of them and precise."

Dave Balla, DataWest

"The calendar is so easy to use, and the color co-ordination is perfect to keep my staff's calendars all in place but still organized. I am able to make changes instantly and have it change across the entire system. If I'm not at the office and on the road and need to check something, or make a change to anything I can do it straight from my iPhone."

Keith Price, Tahoe Photographic Tours