Duoserve, Inc, founded in 2002 in White Plains, NY, is specialized in providing high quality solutions in the business productivity arena to help businesses become more profitable and effective.  We are experts at manufacturing business productivity software as we aim to meet the needs of our customers who range from small organizations to enterprise corporations.  We strive to attain this goal by providing prompt and accurate customer support, continuous software updates, as well as including recommendations of new features from current users. Duoserve is a customer-centric organization meaning that we utilize the latest technologies to receive customer feedback and implement it in our software.

How are we different?

Duoserve, Inc prides itself in driving its innovative solutions in the gap between the world of desktop software and web browser applications.  We are a unique organization that has combined the strengths of using a desktop application and the advantages of today‚Äôs technologies such as the high-speed Internet connections to allow instantaneous as well as secure access to your business data from anywhere in the world.

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