Cloud Computing Technology Concept

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing allowing users to get access to shared resources, software, and information, in real time.
Software users most often have to make sacrifices between the power of a desktop application and the portability of a web ba sed application.

We have combined the powers of both technologies, and have designed two applications that follow the true SAAS (software as a service) model.

What other companies promise you...

Some companies offer good software, but do not give you the practical access to it from anywhere.  This often results in having to save files, ultimately leading to multiple versions on different computers.
Other companies believe that the web is the way to go. Although that is great in terms of accessibility, one of the major drawbacks is the limited usability of the website interface.  Web users have to keep logging into websites, which they often forget, or neglect to do.
Duoserve believes that combining the powers of both technologies (web and desktop) will give the end user utmost power and the most user-firendly experience for to manage their daily business.  We give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to share the powers of the desktop application with the accessibility of the Internet.

What Duoserve delivers...

Below is a list of advantages of each technology(web and desktop) and how we’ve refused to give them up to deliver great software products to our customers.

Web based advantages:
  • Access from anywhere
  • Centralized information
  • No need to update software.  The software is automatically updated through the web.
  • Easier to get support
  • Virtually no installation issues
  • No documents
  • Maintenance free. No servers to buy or maintain. No power backup devices. Failsafe data protection.

Desktop advantages:
  • Extremely powerful desktop compatibility
  • Multiple document views and windows
  • Application performance
  • Local data access (Web browsers for security reasons limit access to local resources)
  • Applications can always run in the background; Traybar, shortcuts, etc...
  • Security

Below is how our software attempts to reap as much benefit from both technologies:

  • Data is not stored in files  but on a central server -- No file sharing necessary. No 'multi-version file' confusion. Everyone works with the same data at the same time.
  • Multiple document views and quick  access to data  -- Data is cached locally to enhance performance.
  • Software is responsive and performs quickly -- No need for the browser to interpret each move. Ex. Long waits between page clicks.
  • One click install -- Desktop software functions immediately with nearly no installation steps. Software is accessible from your Program menu.
  • Automatic updates -- Web pages update automatically.  Our software does so when any changes are made to the software functionality.
You get the latest and greatest just like a web page
  • Web browser access -- We are still going to give our users the choice to use a web browser so they can access their information on public and non-owned computers
  • Our applications run in the traybar allowing instant notification of important and crucial data. Ex. Reminder pops up to perform a task even though software is off-site.
  • Application can save things without your permission -- Web browsers, out of fear of viruses and malware, will never do things on your local computer unless you explicitly agree. They are usually limited to saving files only.
  • Accessible from anywhere -- Centralized data can be accessed because it is on the Internet in data centers that are safer than your average office environment; Our data centers are protected from fires, floods, and power outages.
  • No backups to perform.  We do all the leg work to make sure you don’t lose your data. We use multiple redundant servers in multiple datacenters per city and multiple cities. Your data is safe.
  • Disaster Recovery -- We can recover your data in one of a handful of data centers faster than you can buy a replacement computer.
  • Data Safety - Although we can never guarantee 100% data safety, no one has physical access to your databas -- not even datacenter personnel unless authorized by top brass.

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