Here is what some of our customers have to say about ScheduFlow:

"We love Scheduflow; we use it for our receiving department to schedule incoming containers and trucks.  It helps take off the load of our warehouse guys and give them a heads up of how much load they’ll be receiving that day.  Before ScheduFlow, trucks were dropping off pallets of inventory whenever they wanted…now we control what time and day they should come based off of our day."

Calina Cin, 4 Wheel Parts

"As testament to your product, we had cancelled the service because we were using new software with a calendar function, but we hate the new calendar function and want to get our Scheduflow account reinstated!"

Rose, Mac's Realty

"I have been using ScheduFlow for many years. The service and support that I receive from Duoserve has been nothing less than excellent. They are a company that is always trying to improve their product, while still offering personalized service whenever needed"

Mazin A., American Reproductive Centers

"ScheduFlow Online is a great software and personally I will advise all businesses both small and big to get it. It can be used for sharing schedules in one location or in multiple locations and schedules can be viewed on any mobile device (phone or tablet). One of it great use is that for most of people like me who always disturb secretaries about our schedules for the day and still need them for paper work and to run errands. This software is an easy to use appointment scheduling software, calendar like and a great alarm system. It is more like a combination of an alarm clock, reminder and calendar. All you need do is fix all your appointments, meetings and to dos on it with time and dates reminders and it does the rest, always keeping you in touch with all of them and precise. I have been using it to quite a long time now and from experience I have not been disappointed. From the news I received recently the new upgrade of the software is going to include automated messaging which will give users the ability to have the software email, text messages, or make phone calls about appointment reminders and/or send them specific messages."

Dave Balla, DataWest

"After getting fed of up with trying to put my 10 man staff on one small Google Calendar I tried ScheduFlow's free 30 day trail and feel in love!

The calendar is so easy to use, and the color co-ordination is perfect to keep my staff's calendars all in place but still organized. I am able to make changes instantly and have it change across the entire system. If I'm not at the office and on the road and need to check something, or make a change to anything I can do it straight from my iPhone.

The stress my staff used to have is gone thanks to this system. The key to a successful business is good organization and use of company time! For under $8 this is a STEAL; you can't go wrong!

Thank you so much for creating this online scheduler you have saved my business and staff a lot of trouble!"

Keith Price, Tahoe Photographic Tours

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