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TimeFlow Stops Buddy Punching.

"Buddy punching accounts for 5% of overall payroll." - American Payroll Association

For a company whose yearly payroll is $300,000, that could mean losses of $15,000!  Replacing your existing time collection technique with our biometric solution may be the best return on investment you will ever make.


The Most Affordable Solution

Since it works with your current PC, you can utilize hardware you are already running.  Purchase the biometric device once for only $79, plug it into your existing computer or POS system, and you are ready to collect employee work hours.  No cleaning supplies necessary.  All you need is some cellophane tape to clean the surface. The monthly price is only $4.95/biometric device, in addition to the TimeFlow Online monthly subscription.


Streamline Workflow. Boost Productivity.

A system should make your business run faster and save you money. With TimeFlow biometric features, there is no need to manage passwords, cards, or keys.

biometric_punch_clock_notificationRuns in Background. Notifies you in Foreground.

TimeFlow can be minimized while your employees come in to work, place their finger on the scanner, and it clocks them in.

  • Perfect for POS
  • Perfect for front desk computers
  • Self install. No tech guys required.

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