Online Time Clock Software -- Manage Employee Time

How Does TimeFlow Online Work?

Setting up TimeFlow Online time clock software on multiple computers, in multiple locations extremely simple.  There is no need to share files or have any technical knowledge about networks, firewalls, or IP addresses.  All you need to do is sign up for a free trial subscription, install TimeFlow Online on your computers, and log in with your account username and password.

You are then ready to allow your users to punch in/out from remote locations. Administrators can view payroll reports from anywhere as long a you have Internet access. Regardless of which location or computer you will access time sheet data from, it will be stored in our secure datacenters and all data traveling between your client computers and our datacenters will be encrypted with secure SSL technology.

Collect. Generate. Submit. Your Payroll is Done!

Getting your payroll done has just gotten easier. A whole lot easier. With three simple steps your time sheet data will be delivered from your hosted TimeFlow database to payroll for processing. See diagram below.


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